Our Story

An immersive women’s group.

She Alpha was founded by two best friends that have a passion for soaking up as much knowledge from the page as they can. Being an alpha female can be challenging and requires an ever-evolving balancing act. Throughout their professional journeys, these women had to do everything for themselves and became passionate about inspiring other women to step into their greatness. She Alpha is a place to share knowledge and experiences with other women looking to become leaders and provide the dedicated support they need to elevate their lives.


The women behind the mission


Jenny Ramirez

Founder / CEO

Jenny is an avid reader who loves to create art and travel to random places in the world, all while having fun breaking down numbers for her clients. She began her career in the financial industry, where she obtained ten years of corporate experience, managing teams and serving as a chair board member for different internal groups. After leaving her corporate career, she pursued many of her passions which contributed to her nomadic life. One day in Peru, the next in Brazil, who knows where to next?

Today she focuses on breaking cultural barriers by traveling, dancing, mentoring, and collaborating with non-profits to give back to the community.​ She proudly advocates for warriors with mental illness by sharing her journey and empowers women who struggle with self-confidence by teaching them how to be fearless and tap into their inner ALPHA!

And plants... She loves plants!

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Laura Del Carmen

Co-owner / COO

​Laura is a determined soul who relied on books as mentors from a very young age. She strives to lead her life with a grateful heart. When she's not running with bulls on Wall Street, she's traveling the world with her husband and two kids. Laura exemplifies leadership, ambition and kindness. She has a decade long successful career in the financial services industry with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

She's made it her mission to empower other women to achieve greatness by providing coaching and sharing the necessary tools to develop their vision.

Outside of business she has a slight obsession with aesthetic organization and loves amplifying her knowledge on holistic health.

Our vision in the works...

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Book Clubs

She Alpha takes a unique approach to a women’s book club online. We’re transforming the way you think of reading and learning by connecting you with women who are leaders in their field and discussing complex topics in place of authenticity and growth.

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The Becoming Alpha podcast brings together empowered women who have the insights that every new and rising leader can learn from to unlock their full potential. We touch on topics that many women are uncomfortable having or want to learn more about!

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From business to personal life lessons of women who have found their path to success. She Alpha focuses on providing insightful tips and how-to's that can help women thrive and learn about how to deal with difficult sitations.

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She Alpha has taken a unique approach to pass it forward. In 2021, they began accepting interns in the process of assisting with creation. This provided opportunities for students to learn and obtain the knowledge necessary within their fields. She Alpha has also provided 1-on-1 coaching for the women in the community and continues to support many non-profit organizations.

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