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A place where women come together on a journey of self-discovery through the power of books.

  • Network with extraordinary women

  • Learn from high-key speakers

  • Exchange ideas with hosts

  • Chat with authors

  • Learn new skills

Our clubs are designed to build social connections, stimulate intellectually, and provide opportunities for creativity. 

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She Alpha Co. has changed my life. The reason I say that is because She Alpha has allowed my inner ALPHA to unleash. Women supporting women has always been a primary motive of mine and that is also one of the core values of this group. I also love love love the BOOK CLUB! If you have not heard of the She Alpha Book Club yet, find out and JOIN! The book club alone has taught be structure, commitment, the ability to be able to express my ideas and feelings, negotiating, and so many other important life skills. The greatest thing about She Alpha is that I now have an amazing group of inspiring Queens ready to conquer the world, that I now call friends!

Stephanie Ann Darucaud