Meet Our Team



Chief Executive Officer

Jenny is a multipreneur focused on businesses around women empowerment and female leadership.Utilizing networking by collaborating with multitude of women entrepreneurs and building relationships with like-minded individuals aimed at achieving common goals and running successful business venues for and by women. She began her career in the financial industry, where she obtained 10 years of corporate experience and has worked in many roles including managing teams and serving as a chair board member for different internal groups. She left corporate in pursue of her passions. She has invested time in the real estate market, worked with individuals as a self development coach, business strategist, vendor contracting specialist, and has been signed as a published model.


 ​An entreprenuer by day, self-development strategist by night, and modeling coach on weekends! She is passionate about breaking cultural barriers by traveling, dancing, mentoring, and collaborating with non-profits to give back to the community.​ She proudly advocates for warriors with mental illness by sharing her own journey and empowers women struggling with self confidence by teaching them how to tap into their inner alpha!


Managing Director

Chief Operations Officer

Laura is a Wall Street vice president focused on conceptualizing and implementing strategic initiatives to propel the achievement of corporate goals and objectives. She has a strong commitment on women empowerment, diversity, and inclusion.

Laura is a mom, wife and a women advocate. She also enjoys blogging about her travel adventures to over 35 countries and her journey through motherhood, You can find more about Laura at