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5 Side-Hustles to help you get out of the hole!

Not everyone has the luxury to pay bills, save money, and still have leftovers to invest too! The truth is, most Americans are barely making it financially. According to a study released in June 2021, it was estimated that 54 percent of consumers in the U.S. (125 million U.S. adults) are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

I can say with certainty that at some point, most of us have experienced financial hardship.

There was a time when I had too many side-hustles to keep up with, but it was vital, and I am honestly blessed to say that I've always figured out how to make money - it's a skill! And of course, I attribute a lot of my findings to the school of the internet. These days, the new trend #SideHustle is opening many people's eyes, but to be clear, I have been doing this since I was 11.

Flexibility and patience are my only piece of advice if you are heading into the world of #SideHustles. Of course, stay informed since Mr. Biden is now tapping into our PayPal accounts with the new American Rescue Plan Act.

Here are 5 side-hustles that helped me get back on track financially:

  • Braiding Hair - Easy $50 per person, it takes me between 30-60 minutes to do cornrows, and yes, it is very much still a thing. I will warn you with this one, and you have to build clientele. When I did have a full-time job, I would schedule one to two clients a day and for four days out of the week. That's an additional $200 to $400 weekly.

  • Task-oriented anyone? - Well, this one is for you! People pay you to finish tasks for them, and before there was Upwork, craigslist was a big hit for me! From excel sheet organization to replying to emails or leaving messages because business owners were just too busy! Now you can easily promote yourself, and the new word in 2021 is #VirtualAssistant. Find projects on Upwork or Fiverr; Social media virtual assistant is trending, and trust me, you can make as much as braiding with less effort! Ranging from $200-$600 weekly depending on the contracts (the only limit here is your flexibility with time).

  • Creative? You can sell your craft on so many platforms! eBay is a big one, but you have to get ahead of the competition. Most recently, Amazon opened up a space for creators called "Amazon Handmade," allowing you to sell your handmade crafts. If you are savvy on the computer, "Merch by Amazon" and they print on anything to ship to customers. I've sold some paintings and even re-made furniture pieces during my creative days. Options, options, options!

  • Do you like pets? Well, many Americans do, but they prefer to delegate dog walking for people with actual patience. I once printed out in PINK paper ads around my neighborhood that stated, "I will walk your dog when you're busy." Sure they have apps for these things, but how often will it be someone in your neighborhood? I received 15 calls in a week! It pays between $30 - $60/per walk depending on the size of the dog and the number of times I needed to walk them. Probably the most straightforward $600 I've made in a week! Except for that dog daisy, I'm still slightly traumatized by her need to chase squirrels and drag me down with her. Here are some companies to look into for dog-walking jobs!

  • Kids? Babysitting is not one of my favorites, but it does pay well, and patience is vital! Surprisingly, I am good with kids, but I've done enough of it to last me a lifetime (if I'm honest!). It pays between $50-$150/hr, depending on the time. There are agencies as well, and every city has them. Worth the research!

I hope this has given you some ideas, and of course, there is more, but these are the easiest cash-generating side hustles that helped me while working a full-time job and rebuilding myself after my divorce. I always said looking at side-hustles as the investment tree helped me get out of the hole. I worked the 9-5 to pay bills, side hustles to save & invest, and focused on my businesses for residual income!

Let me know if you want a part two, now that the internet is my new oyster!


Jenny Ramirez - a business leader, mental health advocate, women empowerment activist, and writer on women issues across the globe. She is an adventurous soul who enjoys exploring different cultures and connecting with women from different walks of life during her free time.

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