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5 Steps to Innovation!


Dear Alphas, This month is slipping by, and I haven't even taken down the Christmas tree. Who's rule was it anyway to take it down in January? I find it quite a nuance when humans challenge the status quo of society's harsh standards. I can be frank; I never quite understood why we place so much value in others' opinions. I can assure you most people won't pay your rent, and so why do we allow them to live rent-free in our minds?


With that same thought, why do we so frequently change our ideas to assimilate the masses? Innovation is the reason why companies thrive. Sure, one can have processes that resemble the ideal "work function," but are we so mundane that we can't come up with our creative ways? There is one thing COVID taught us; we cannot continue to do things the same way. I can assure you that there is a little voice saying somewhere in your chaos, "do it this way instead." I, too, have been guilty in the past of not following my gut instinct, and it only led to a crisis. I won't sugar coat it; that crisis was always a realization to do things differently. I once read that in Chinese, "Crisis" represented both danger and opportunity. Either way, you are presented with a choice. What you do with that choice is entirely up to you. So, today I am sharing the five steps that saved my coaching business in 2019 and made me an industry disrupter. I am talking about never having to market for clients. Clients came to me, and I only took referrals. Step 1: Make a list Create a list of all the things you have copied from other businesses. Yes, I do mean that social media template too, girlfriend! We all do it, and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Grabbing inspiration from others is how most ideas begin, but don't stop there. Step 2: Get creative.


Think of all the creative ways you would do it differently without hesitation, even when it sounds weird! Remember Madam CJ Walker? She built a whole new line of hair products and found ways to market that her competitors weren't. It made her one of the richest women in history because she used her creativity. Step 3: Write it down! Tedious? I know but trust the process. Writing it down means you can revisit that list and adjust accordingly. Not to mention, ideas do change with time and research. Step 4: Research! I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to understand your market! You will need to get a sense of who your audience and clients are before you can narrow down on your ideas. Every time you discover something new, write it down on your idea board. Step 5: Implement Get comfortable with understanding that not everyone is your ideal clientele. It will save you many heartaches and prevent you from reducing prices. When you implement "your methods" (also known as the badass way to do things in your way), you may lose clients but rest assured you will gain the right ones.

"No one is afraid of being themselves, they are only afraid of being rejected"

Finally, Tapping into your innovative ways is tricky! Many will judge and perhaps not even understand, but please reference my first paragraph. None of them pay your rent, and as our lovely content manager referenced, "BETTER AN OOPS THAN A WHAT-IF." If you still need inspiration, hop over to Tiktok and see for yourself!


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