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PIVOT! The most common word these days only second to COVID… But why is that? Well, my friends, let's just say that during this pandemic, every single business owner has either evolved or fallen behind. I guess I should tell you that being part of the She Alpha team comes with the benefits of learning from women that have run conferences in a corporate world where things change daily and often drastically. Experience is vital, but let's be honest - no one predicted A WHOLE PANDEMIC!

So, here are some things we have learned this year that shifted our whole operation...

1. Take risks, and don't be afraid to fail...

Just go for it! There are always a thousand reasons not to follow your entrepreneurial dream. The biggest mistake you can make is to be afraid of failure. Cliché? Maybe! But let's just say from experience that the most immense rewards this year has come from taking that leap. It is key to your success, and you should not be afraid of it. After each fall, there are new peaks to climb. Remember, hard work beats talent!

2. Re-organize your team properly...

Good organization is key! Running a small business team is similar to running a circus. It is usual for dozens of things to happen at once. All tasks must be arranged in a master list to follow. Prioritize them and switch things up! One interactive system that we stumbled upon has been Workast, it is essentially how we keep up with all our tasks at She Alpha… Did I mention it's free? You can add tasks directly from your e-mail, utilize Zoom, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines. A total game-changer if you ask me!

3. Leverage skillsets...

It is critical to leverage your team's talent. Avoid "I-can-do-it-all" mentality and delegate tasks to capable team members. Proper delegation among the team allows timely and quality completion of planned duties and empowers partners while simultaneously creating a positive work environment (we are big on positive vibes at work and given every room for growth). For example, leveraging allowed me to go from writing articles to finally saying, "What about the pitches!" Let's just say I landed some big names as my passion for writing expanded to PRESS RELEASES! You must have open conversations with your team and boldly say, "who is ready to expand their skills or take on more?!"

4. Choose between Contract vs. Hire…

Expand your team by onboarding the right talent for the company. After all, it's the end of 2020 - are you still working on trying to grow your small business?

Then perhaps this message is for you...

One of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can make is hiring a full-time for part-time or task fulfillment roles. Not to mention, with this economy, it's essential to set expectations and not string people along. Put a contract in place, and let's talk negotiations! I could talk about this all day, but here is what I want to leave you with – every business has different needs operationally, and only you can decide what is best for your company. Hiring full-time employees too quickly can impact you financially, and not having the right contracts in place can trouble you legally down the road. However, there are benefits to both, and since I feel connected to you now… do us both a favor and research both options.

5. Collab is the new trend…

So far, in 2020, we have collaborated with over 500 people and entities! (yes, that is a double zero). Our leaders have a fundamental belief that "Community over competition" is far more critical in business. The power of collaborations has been a significant factor for our exponential growth, while others just focused on how to beat the competition. Whether it was a video conference, webinar, podcast, time contributions to non-profits, link up with community groups individually, reaching out to various business leaders, teaming up to do dual coaching, 1:1 interviews, or supporting our community by being a source of referrals - She Alpha Co. has many new partners and friends as we widened our exposure and extended our community outreach in new countries and continents.

Here is a freebie from one of the meetings I had with our CEO "If we aren't connecting with at least 10 women a day, then we aren't fulfilling our purpose". You don't have to take it from me, but I've seen the impact it had on the business since it began. What I'm saying is … get out there and collaborate with everyone and their momma!

-ps. review credentials, and if you need contacts we have the people... schedule a consultation with our leaders!

6. Pivot and let go of attachments…

We really have no idea when this pandemic will come to a halt, so we need to start being smart with our business investments. Surely, you've seen the chaos in the news about all the businesses shutting down… you will not be one of them! Strategic transitioning during this crisis will secure your place in growing your business. I talked to some experts that are doing very well in different industries, and here is the advice I keep receiving over and over "Don't be attached to what doesn't work, PIVOT!" I don't know if this rings a bell, but remember when Starbucks was a company that sold espresso makers and coffee beans? Right?! Now it's one of the largest coffee brew companies since their CEO pivoted after he took a trip to Italy and tasted the deliciousness that came in a cup.

Everyone in business starts with an idea; the goal is to expand that idea and make changes as you learn your industry and the current economic forecast. I'll give you another example I learned from our CFO. Her favorite Cuban restaurant closed its doors, relocated, and is now selling empanadas through a drive-through…DOUBLED THEIR SALES! So, what do you do when COVID comes knocking at your business growth? Pivot in a time of crisis!

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Written by: She Alpha Co. Communications Team

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