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Are you an Alpha female?

Alpha females are a human powerhouse juggling their personal life, family, and projects. The alpha female leads with a firm voice, yet graceful in her steps - as if it was as easy as breathing. She’s the one you can never miss in the room.

How to know if you’re an Alpha Female?

• Are you ambitious? Alphas females are always working towards something bigger and better, pursuing their business/career, and are dedicated to their progress every day.

• Are you inspiring? Alphas women will always shine bright without fear of blinding others - their light inspires others. These females typically have other people looking up to them and are their role models, even if sometimes they do not even know it.

• Are you a natural-born leader? The female Alpha has no problem running the show and feels comfortable in a leadership position.

• Are you decisive? The Alpha woman knows what she wants and does not settle for anything less.

• Are you emotionally intelligent? The female Alpha will often be acting as the “social-glue” in public due to their ability to read people well.

• Do you ever stop learning? The Alpha woman understands the need for self-improvement and sets new challenges for herself regularly.

• Do you question the norms and rules? The female Alpha does not blindly follow the crowd or society’s rules. She applies critical thinking through the lens of her values and morals.

• Do you cultivate the life you enjoy? The Alpha woman values herself and her solitude. She pursues her happiness despite the societal expectations or beliefs around what women should or should not do.

• Do you recognize yourself in these character traits? Then, my dear woman, you are an Alpha female!

Wear it loudly and proudly! Shine bright, never shrink down, and continue to be fearless!


She Alpha Communications Team

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