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Top 6 Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration on your business journey?

Surely, you too have those days when you get all the To-do’s done, but you are missing that extra fire inside you that makes you want to dance while doing tasks.

We have a great community here at She Alpha, and our book clubs are always fun, but even then, I want to curl up with a book and learn in the comfort of my bed and drink tea.

After reading these books, I must warn you that I felt a little nudge to get up, start doing and take action (which defeats the purpose of resting).

1. Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?: Wit and Wisdom from Women in Business by Marcella Allison

This book is one that you want to read! It’s a collection of more than 60 letters from women leaders. If you want some guidance navigating through this complex world, these stories will be your lifeline! As women, we always have to make difficult choices and trust me when I say; I wish I had read this book before starting my business journey. Not all of us have the privilege of hiring a coach right away, and this book is more of a handbook for conflict situations.

2. Beyond the Boys’ Club: Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male-Dominated Field by Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Are you in Corporate America? If you are a woman, it is safe to say that you will experience the “boys club” distaste at some point or another. This book is a great guide to learn how to navigate through those challenging cycles in your career. Take it from me; even in business, you will run into the boys club! This book is excellent for professional strategic career advancement and breaking glass ceilings.

3. The Multi-Hyphen Life: Work Less, Create More, and Design a Life That Works for You by Emma Gannon

This book is a different take on how to do work-life balance. I must admit I’m a bit of a workaholic, so the idea of slowing down is not as fun for me. However, I will say that this book brings great insights for those who are starting up their businesses and looking to find common ground on how to do it all without compromising yourself. It’s also a great motivator if you want to take your side-hustle to the next level.

4. In the company of women by Grace Bonney

I wish I could keep pages of this book in my journal. It is a fascinating book of women embracing entrepreneurship and sharing inspirational advice. This book profiles over 100 influential and creative women from all different backgrounds. Within that interview, they highlight the importance of rituals, keys to their success, and advice for the next generation… I’m also a big fan of candid photos!

5. How to be an overnight success - Maria Hatzistefanis

If you love make-up, then you will love this book. After all, this book will leave you wondering why you aren’t starting your brand. The author dives deeper into the glitz and glam, along with the ups and downs of the industry. If you need a little push to try new things in any industry, then-girlfriend, this is the book for you!

6. Dear Female Founder - Lu Li

This one will leave you thinking about why you didn’t read it before for honest and transparent stories! I read it at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and it helped me navigate through some heartache with some practical insights. It indeed left me inspired, and I don’t say that often!

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What are some of your favorite business books?

With Love,



Jenny Ramirez - a business leader, mental health advocate, women empowerment activist, and writer on women issues across the globe. She is an adventurous soul who enjoys exploring different cultures and connecting with women from different walks of life during her free time.

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