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Dear woman.

Dear woman, choose yourself! I am talking about the authentic, real, and raw version of you!

As I write this letter to you, I am in a place in my life where I am happy. It wasn’t always the case and you must understand it is not a destination. It is not an end goal that will stick with you once you’ve reached it. It is a conscious state of mind that will accompany you through your life story once you learn to choose happiness.

My dear woman, stop tormenting your mind over making everyone around you happy!

The quirks and the imperfections... believe me when I say that there is an art in this mess. You are a priority and that will make the right people in your circle happy.

Dear woman, choose yourself and then stand tall, embrace it!

Stop trying to fit in the society or family norms - you never could and you never will. Your potential reaches beyond the already drawn lines of expectations and conformity.

You’re “fragile” and you’re “powerful.”

You’re “strong” and you’re “graceful.”

You are wild, yet you are also calm.

You don’t have to pick – you are multifaceted!

To some you could be all and to others you could be just a fraction, but you are never insignificant.

Dear woman, choose yourself and choose to speak your truth!

Choose to dream big and work hard. Be relentless!

Be loud, take up space, and don’t worry about the resistance. After all - quiet women seldom make history.

Dear woman, choose yourself again and again every single time.

Con mucho amor,

La Picaflor


Solveiga is a circus artist specialising in Aerial Acrobatics, a dancer, a coach, writer, content creator and the list goes on. She is a self confessed workaholic and believes everybody has a chance to reach their goals if they are ready to work for it enough. Originally from Lithuania, Sol then lived in Scotland working in Oil & Gas industry as a deepwater project planning engineer until a sudden change of heart lead her to leaving the corporate world behind and dedicating herself to the performing arts full time. Since her career change, Solveiga continues to study and believes that art and business skills are interchangeable and complementary. She dedicates her free time to writing and content creation and seeks to help other women to believe in themselves to take the first steps towards achieving their goals. Sol is also a mental-health education enthusiast and strongly believes in sharing the information regarding mental illness to help remove the current stigma around this topic.

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