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Is fatherhood a step into feminism?

For a long time in our society, the concept of feminism has struggled with a negative stigma and a misguided preconceived notion. What is feminism? Simply put, being a feminist is to believe in the equality of sexes, specifically that women’s rights are equal to those for men. Historically, based on a profoundly misguided myth and the misunderstood notion of feminism being a movement where “all feminists are lesbians and bra-burning radicals who hate men,” the vast majority of men have avoided associating with feminism or calling themselves feminists. However, a lot of men don’t realize that being a feminist only means you’re supporting a movement for equal rights for men and women, and its efforts to bring about equality of women with men economically, politically, socially, and culturally. There are quite a few examples of celebrity men (ex. President Barack Obama, John Legend, or Benedict Cumberbatch) who call themselves feminists. A closer look at prominent men who self-proclaimed as “feminists” shows that most of them have one thing in common – they are fathers raising daughters in today’s society. As our communities are preparing to celebrate Father’s Day, She Alpha Co. team will examine fatherhood as a factor in male feminists’ psyche, and its overall impact on feminism as a movement.

In August of 2016, President Obama penned his famous This is What A Feminist Looks Like, where he quotes: “Yes, it’s important that their dad is a feminist because now that’s what they expect of all men.”

What does it mean to be a father and a feminist?

Research shows that when a man has a daughter, he is generally more likely to challenge traditional roles in the family and society. For example, if a dad’s job is being a legislator – he is more likely to promote female-friendly policies and bills, as well as a harassment-free work environment. If a father is an employer – he is more likely to be invested in pay equality and equal leadership opportunities for women in the workplace.

We interviewed Mr. Joseph Correa, a successful Florida entrepreneur, a feminist, and a father. He has dedicated years of his life on boxing ringside photography and journalism, along with making the sports industry more women-friendly. Mr. Correa does not separate work qualities, and job duties based on gender. He also shared his belief that women are the hardest working people in both his professional and personal lives. Frontproof Media team consists of eight employees, of which half are females, who work remotely across the United States. In his years of experience, Mr. Correa attests that his female team always go above and beyond; approach every challenge without fear. Sports entertainment is a very male-dominated industry, particularly a photographer ringside Boxing/MMA events, which is not the most comfortable and cozy workplace for a woman. Yet, Mr. Correa is an example of a business leader who is eager to bring a shift in how people view certain professions from a gender-based perspective. Joseph firmly believes in, unconditionally supports, and grows female leaders to set up an example for his daughter. Any parent in a leadership role would agree there are similarities between parenting kids at home and handling a team at work. Once trust, respect, and confidence are established with each team member, the leader has built the foundation of a strong, capable unit and has begun developing the future leaders of society.

Before becoming fathers, most men probably have a theoretical idea of the significance of gender equality. Parenting, however, inevitably changes the perspective and offers an outlook on life priorities through a different lens. Mr. Correa strives to set an example and establish an open dialogue with his daughter to provide her with honest feedback and empower her to be the best version of herself as a human being. He has also been revealing glimpses of the sports industry’s basics to his thirteen-year-old daughter. Her involvement in his work life is aimed to help her break any mental gender stereotypes and cement her confidence that she can be anyone she wants. Like most fathers, Mr. Correa believes a father is responsible for exposing their children to the right environments, shaping their values and beliefs. He teaches his daughter to have a “lion mentality.” His advice to his daughter is: “When you approach a problem, only think of solutions; when you set your mind to do something, don’t take no for an answer; always give your best shot and never limit yourself.”

She Alpha Co. communications team also interviewed Mr. Daniel Pozo - a successful New Jersey-based multi-entrepreneur, a feminist, a husband, and a father. In his opinion, perhaps we as a society are minimizing the issues on gender equality and assessing them from a small scale point of view when we should approach them from a large scale perspective. Gender equality, aka feminism, should not be perceived as a goal to achieve at a society level, but rather as the standard. As a father, his goal is to provide his son an equal opportunity in our country not based on their gender, but rather their skill set, drive, and determination. In addition, Mr. Pozo shared that fatherhood made him more conscious of his choices as an entrepreneur and a parent, and he was more determined to set the right example regardless of gender. In his professional life, he strives to only work with individuals who bring added value and positivity to the team’s effort.

We believe that men, such as Mr. Correa and Mr. Pozo, strive for equality at home and in the workplace because they see past the gender. Their modern approach to fatherhood undeniably reveals the emphasis on feminism as a foundation for children’s development as it sets the bar for what they would expect from all the men in their lives. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the fathers who are doing their best to make this world a better place for their children, one step at the time. Remember when your dad, or the father figure in your life, gently hugged you and said, “You can be anything you dream of! Just believe in yourself! You are worth it!” Join us and express a big heartwarming “Thank You” to your dad, who may or may not realize he has been a feminist all along… Happy Father’s Day!


Written by:

She Alpha Co. Communications Team

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