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New Year Resolution Goals (Unpopular Opinion)

As the new year begins, we stumble across messages of the "New Year - New You" type of slogans that start to appear everywhere around us.

The idea of reinventing ourselves with the clocks turning has become somewhat traditional, and the fact that practically nobody will follow through with their goals is also widely accepted. A Forbes article stated that 80% of New Year resolutions are left unfulfilled. If that is, in fact, true, then why do we keep partaking in these festive charades? What is the point? And if we do commit, how can we make sure we stick to our goals?

Here at She Alpha Co., we strongly believe in "Walking the walk,"...

So here are our Top 5 Problems and Solutions for your New Year resolutions:

Problem #1: We often set up non-specific or vague goals. As our festive selves are bombarded with the idea of setting grandiose plans for the upcoming year, many of us list our goals without thinking. One of the most common reasons for not following through is not understanding the scope of your plan. Think about a typical resolution such as "Lose Weight"... it’s a vague concept which will not give you a clear marker of how much, nor how.

Solution: Be SMART! Your goal should always be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time-bound. We have a little "cheat sheet" to help you set your goals effectively. Download below...

Problem #2: Negatively worded goals. Don't start your new year depriving yourself of a positive attitude or making yourself feel wrong about something.

Solution: Make an effort and keep only positive thoughts! Try to word all of your goals positively. Psychologically you are more likely to succeed in your strive to "Eat five yummy pieces of fruits and vegetables every day" instead of "Stop eating the same old unhealthy stuff."

Problem #3: Aiming for drastic changes to current lifestyle. If you have never exercised in your life - that's okay! However, if you want to shed a few pounds or get fitter, set up realistic progress goals. Don't list impossible challenges, such as "go to the gym every day" or "have a six-pack by Valentine's Day." It is improbable that you will make a 180-degrees turn to your daily habits and stick to them long-term.

Solution: Start with incremental, little, and doable changes to your routine, then turn them into good habits. If you want to make a daily commitment, be honest with yourself, and assess how much time and energy you have towards this commitment.

Problem #4: No deadlines (unrealistic deadlines). This could be an over-committing problem and can spread for too long to your detriment. Setting yourself up to complete a goal by the end of March, without short-term deadlines in between, gives you tons of freedom. Yet, unless you have military-level self-discipline, procrastination will almost certainly win.

Solution: Make sure you break down your goal into smaller ones, set deadlines, and track your progress. Keep yourself accountable!

Problem #5: Lack of planning. Abstract goals are great, but they need work. Not having a plan will bring chaos to your tasks and prevent you from approaching your end goal holistically.

Solution: Don't forget to answer the three simple questions: "How?", "When?", and "What?" If you know your exact steps needed to achieve something, it is much easier to take them. Here's a cute planner in our Amazon store for you to properly track your New Year resolutions:

Pro Tip: START NOW! Yes, Alphas, this is our best advice for all those with ideas in your heads - don't wait for the clock to turn, start today! The longer you wait, the more chances there are for something to happen to distract you or demotivate you.

Have you heard of "Rolling Tin Cafe"? In late 2019 our fellow Alpha, Anissa Deen, had quit her job to take on her dream project full time. 2020, however, had other plans and made her life-changing step more challenging than expected. With a lot of hard work, family support, more money and energy than originally anticipated, she is at her finish line and boasts an inspiring success story. Had she waited for the new year to start, chances are her dream could not have come to fruition due to the following year's hardships. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

So, start now! Start researching, start moving, and take that first step. The first one will always be the hardest. - Sol

If you're still unsure if you feel "pro" or "against" New Year resolutions, make sure you check She Alpha Co. latest podcast, "The Good & The Ugly of New Year Resolutions" episode, take a moment to listen, reset, and stop waiting for the clocks to turn.

Start working on your goals NOW, Alphas, because success accompanies those who work hard!

We wish you have a fantastic 2021 - stay inspired, stay productive, stay Alpha!


Written by: She Alpha Co. Communications Team

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