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Selfcare is Overrated!

There are 17+ million posts on Instagram about self-care. Self-Care is mainly about Açaí bowls and Turmeric lattes, facials, workout selfies, and body transformation posts. Not to mention the endless products associated with self-care that is targeted primarily to women.


Our generation is obsessed with the "treat yourself concept" so much that we go through great lengths to prove it, primarily on social media. Self-care should be a quiet revolution. An opportunity to look within and understand what does taking care of self means to you. For example, self-care could mean cleaning and organizing my space, writing, or reading a good book. Yes, the massages, baths, and facials are nice, but why spend the money when I can find comfort doing unrelated things.

The self-care competition has become especially bad for young women's mental health. This pressure shows how much self-care one is engaged to look cool or feel a sense of belonging. I'm here to tell you that self-care is about you and what makes you feel relaxed and happy. Not about the products or the cute latte pictures. Here are some ways to start exploring self-care in your terms:

1. Ask yourself, what makes you feel relaxed?

Maybe it is a walk-in nature, phoning a friend, going for a bike ride, or simply organizing your closet. Try to think of things that don't cost anything. If you have no idea what makes you feel relaxed, start trying different things until you find what sticks.

2. Keep it private

Avoid posting about how relaxed you are or how you are taking time to "self-care." The reason people tend to do this is to seek validation. If something makes you feel good, there is no need to share it with the world. Make it your little secret.

3. Avoid interruptions

The last thing you want is to be interrupted when you are spending time on yourself constantly. Try putting your phone on Do Not Disturb or turning it off. How could you successfully self-reflect when notifications are regularly taking away your attention? Avoiding interruptions will also help you stay mindful and allow you the reset your brain most likely needs.

Remember, self-care is not supposed to be a trend or a competition.

We are all made differently, and caring for ourselves could mean different things for everyone. If you are looking to be more mindful, the book "The power of now" has helped me get in tune with myself. Always self-reflect and determine what works for YOU. Don't be a trend follower; make your path!


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