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The Real - "Happily Ever After."

While the world is going crazy for some heart-shaped candy, millions are secretly hoping and wishing for "the one" or the "right one" to take them out on that magical evening. Yet, many of us forget to take responsibility for the number one relationship of our lives – ourselves! I am talking about the real happily ever after, self-love! The one person who will never abandon you no matter how hard it gets; the person with whom you will have to spend the rest of your life. Let's make sure that we are putting some effort into this life-long affair; don't wait for the right time, start this Valentine's Day!

Not sure where to start? Dear Alpha, we got you covered!

Are you familiar with the book by G. Chapman called "5 Love Languages"? It covers five general ways of how people express and experience love. If this is how we treat and expect to be treated by our significant other, why don't we try and apply the same rules for ourselves? In this case, though, let's cover all the bases!

1. Words of affirmation

List what you love about yourself. We all want to hear nice things about ourselves from our loved ones, so go ahead and treat yourself to some of your compliments too! Even better, if you can implement it into your journaling routine - start your morning by listing three things you like about yourself. It could be an achievement you're proud of, character traits, or physical attributes. The sky is the limit; go nuts!

2. Gifts

A gift doesn't need to be something huge and dramatically expensive. You can buy yourself a box of your favorite chocolates. Invest in that tremendous smelling hand cream, or buy a course you've been eyeing up for expanding your knowledge. Whatever your fancy could be, treat yourself to something that will brighten your spirits!

3. Acts of service

Consider this is a call to action on whatever activity you secretly wish for! Maybe let yourself sleep in on the weekend, clean your space, cook a delicious treat, and give yourself time to eat it without rushing.

4. Quality time

Love ballet? And your family and friends look like they are in pain when accompanying you? No worries, make it a solo-date! Been overworking lately and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Girl, it's solo-date time! Go out for dinner, go to the movies, take a spa day, or go to the park to read your favorite book and have some cute little picnic snacks - opportunities are endless!

5. Physical touch

A tough subject. Our society has taught us an extremely one-sided story when it comes to women and men's sexuality! Unfortunately, no one is coming to salvage the situation anytime soon, so you have to do the work yourself! This month Anna Lopez (a certified sex coach) will be joining our Becoming Alpha Podcast. She will be chatting with us about how women can tap into their intimacy and break cultural barriers. Meanwhile - pencil in some massages, long hot showers, or other pleasurable activities into your schedule to make sure you are treating your body as well as your soul!

In the end, self-Love is unique. There will never be two same versions of you and your perception of what's ideal, but we are sure about one thing - self-acceptance is a crucial ingredient. We enjoyed guest book club speaker Becky Curran visit us last month when she talked about just that. In case you missed it - be sure you check out her journey. If you are still hungry for more of that strong woman inspiration, check out our She Alpha Book Club starting February 9, 2021 - where we connect you with high impact women and surprise speakers.

We are celebrating love this month at She Alpha Co. and invite you to do the same. Love yourself, your significant others, your family, your kids, your dog & your job! It does not matter who or what - love is what makes the world go around, so make sure you have an abundance of it in your day!

All the love from Alpha Team!

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