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What is "life balance" anyway?

Hello again, my beautiful Alphas! Have you cleared your Easter decorations yet? How is that new project going? Are your kids excelling at school? How's the night-time skincare routine lately? Are you managing to eat a nutritious diet? When was the last time you read a book or saw an exhibition?

Does the above sound intensely familiar and overwhelming?

Being alpha does not instantly mean juggling various disciplines will go smoothly or that you won't "drop the ball" from time to time. Dear woman, relax, take a deep breath, and find a balance.

"It's all about balance."

I have heard all of these - way too many times but never actually bothered to ask what on earth a balance is? Also, how should it feel once you have achieved it? Can you google it? And does it come with a one-size-fits-all recipe?

Being a perfectionist can often feel like a holy grail filled with mastering that mythical life balance. Having a grip on a commercial-picturesque life means having a successful career, no black under-eyes, having healthy sleep patterns, and a satisfying social life?!

I will use my life as an example; being an acrobat, I need to push my physical limits to grow, progress continuously, and at the same time rest enough to recover the muscle from damage done during the training. Now let us apply this "Life balance" concept… it did not give me that feeling of accomplishment, and instead, it left me feeling vague in all aspects of life. I did not spend enough time exploring the movement, and as a result, my rest time was not enjoyable as I did not feel like my work was done.

So, there I go again, looking for the "mythical life balance" once more.

After some trial and error, I have figured out that life balance is not a confirmed worldwide formula for all, and neither is it a stagnant state of being. As I interpret it now, a life balance is peace of mind, the lack of feeling overwhelmed. It changes every few months the way my priorities change, and that is A-OKAY! During the summer, my priority list might include more sunbathing sessions or bar-b-q weekends. The fall, on the other hand, may be preparing me for a new contract, which may involve a lot of creative time for a new project that might seem excessive during the summer season... you get my point?

Our lives are not stagnant. Seasons change, feelings and wishes change, our mental health changes, our energy levels change. It is all impactful when considering your life balance. With so many variable ingredients, we cannot expect to write one formula for our lives. We must learn to listen to ourselves, our life situations, environments and prioritize correctly for each moment of our life. Your "creating a family" season will not be the same as your "I will open my new business" season life balance. They are both correct despite what society tells you if you know where your priorities lie.

Pay attention to yourself, be honest about what you want, and try to decide what's important to you right now. You'll find your life balance formula in there. In the words of the great Dr. Seus: "Step with care and great tact and remember - life's a balancing act."


La Picaflor


Solveiga is also known as "La Picaflor" is a circus artist specializing in Aerial Acrobatics, a dancer, a coach, writer, content creator. She is a self-confessed workaholic and believes everybody has a chance to reach their goals if they are ready to work for it enough. Originally from Lithuania, Sol then lived in Scotland working in Oil & Gas industry as a deepwater project planning engineer until a sudden change of heart leads her to leave the corporate world behind and dedicating herself to the performing arts full time. Since her career change, Solveiga continues to study and believes that art and business skills are interchangeable and complementary. She dedicates her free time to writing and content creation and seeks to help other women to believe in themselves to take the first steps towards achieving their goals. Sol is also a mental-health education enthusiast and strongly believes in sharing the information regarding mental illness to help remove the current stigma around this topic.

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