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Your tribe shapes your vibe!

Let us talk about the famous "your vibe attracts your tribe" quote and why the opposite thought is true.

Over the past month, I have had quite a turbulent time - moving houses twice, visits from friends, financial issues, new work schedules, and the list goes on. Not all of it wasn't good!


However, this was particularly challenging to me as someone who is highly organized and loves order. Since my line of work has an expiration date and completing my career goals is not a given unless I do not lose focus, I have built my schedule like a carefully constructed Tetris, filling every gap available. I have left little to no space for error, and any disturbance to my schedule has a dramatic domino effect - A Swiss clock machine type of living. My husband lovingly refers to it as my "soviet mode" since I was born in the Soviet Union and thrive on productivity.

Life, unfortunately, does not always work like that and unplanned circumstances often push us out of our plans. During our chaotic periods, our "vibe," more often than not - changes. The whole controlled and typically organized persona can feel a little erratic and overwhelming. Saying this would mean that our vibe can also be seen as a variable, and if so - how can we base our "tribe" on something that may change direction next month?

It is often written that our personality is an average of 5 people we are closest to. I am a firm believer in choosing your circle not by your current state of emotion but rather by first carefully examining ourselves and our goals as well as weaknesses.

Are you somebody that stresses out a lot?

Find a person who deals with problems effectively and calmly. Learn from them.

Find it difficult to concentrate on your tasks?

Look for the most driven person and observe them, listen to their story, and let it inspire you.

Networking is advertised as a skill exclusively for business - but lets' be honest! We make it a tedious chore when we should be nourishing those relationships. In the words of Karen Wickre, remember that "networking is more like farming, not hunting." A robust support system in our daily lives is crucial to our success within and out of the office. You are not a machine, as much as you would perhaps like to be one. Having clear guidance from people around you if you get blinded by these "cute" little life surprises is of great value.

Take ownership of your "vibe," shape it yourself by choosing your "tribe." Speaking of which, are you registered for the upcoming She Alpha Event? This is one you don't want to miss!

Let us know what your thoughts are on this topic in the comments! We'd love to hear your opinion!

Much love,

La picaflor


Solveiga, also known as "La Picaflor," is a circus artist specializing in Aerial Acrobatics, a dancer, coach, writer, and content creator. She is a confessed workaholic and believes everybody has a chance to reach their goals if they are ready to work for it enough. She dedicates her free time to writing and content creation and seeks to help other women to believe in themselves to take the first steps towards achieving their goals.

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